Frequently Asked Questions

Question : I ‘m 15 years old when could I be factologist?


Answer: You can become factologist when  you’ll be18 years old. In your age you can already begin the registration of facts and you’ll be adept of internet factology. /for instance 2003_Smith_adept/

2. Question: What facts should be recorded ?


Answer: Any. You can for instance record the temperature of air /or water / in chosen regions of the world.  You can record your picture from web or digital camera

It is very important to do it every day in the same time if possible. Write your blog but facts only-any feelings or impressions.


3.Question :  How to record facts ?


Answer: Just store data on your PC. Having more than 600 MB burn them on CD-R and send to our Institute:

ZFI- Administracja

Swietojanska  69/7

81-389 Gdynia




4. Question: What about money? Would you pay me for  the data or should I donate money for you?


Answer: We are non profit organization. We work for a great idea and we do hope to answer all questions which traditional philosophy never answered.



 5. Question: What more could be done for your organization?


Answer: When you pass by the adept's stage you could publish your articles in “Factology Review” and “Chronicles of Internet Factology”.

We also need webmasters and translators.